Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Calendar Winners

Winners have been drawn and contacted.  I was over joyed with the huge response (138) to the calendar drawing, you sure know how to make a girl feel good :)

The winners are
1. Jayne Rehbein
2. Miranda Bournoville
3. Deb Poyda
4. Rina Harries
5. Heide Cady
6. Jennifer Strama
7. Jamie Kleutsch
8. Amy Kramer Kostner
9. Kathy Danen
10. Aileena Patterson
11. Julie Rodman
12. Carol Punzel
13. Casey Hartl

Congratulations to all the winners and unfortunately this year I really only am giving away 13 calendars... sticking to my rules this time.  BUT if you would like to purchase one just send an email at, they are $5.

And since a post isn't fun without a photo here are more birds for you..... crazy winter for birds!!

Every once in a while these huge flocks of birds swoop over the fields and fly into the sky scattering everywhere.  I've seen them lots of times driving down the road, I've always wanted to be there with the camera pushing down the shutter to see if I could capture them.  I love the way they swoop and scatter with their whiteness speckling the sky.  Well here's the day..... I wasn't actually out there waiting in the cold for the birds to fly by so when it happened I heard them vs seeing them, turned around and fired into the sky.  If you don't zoom in on the photo you'd think I had a very dirty sensor so look close.  I wonder if our neighbor knows how many times their farm shows up on this blog.  Actually the son that still lived there died of a massive heart attack the same day my father-in-law passed away.  Very sad for them he was too young.... maybe this is his flock of birds swooping over the farm to say he has reached heaven and is doing okay.  

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