Saturday, January 12, 2013

Craft Day with the Girls

You never know where I'm going to find something interesting to take a photo of.   Crawling around on the floor helps to see what I'm missing.  

This table and chairs was the hub for craft projects today.  Pinterest is a fun place and everyone pins lots of stuff...... but you need to take the time to create it as well.  And better yet change it up a bit to make it your own.  I love seeing the girls get excited about doing crafts like I do.  They had the table in the house and I had the tables, saw horses, and any other flat surface I could find in the garage.  I get so excited to use my crafty brain and knock out some pretty cool looking projects.  The girls did some pretty amazing projects too and they even made some for me.

After the g-kids and I picked up toys we made a tent from the end tables in the livingroom.  They loved it.  Mallory said I had to leave them there for Grandpa and I to use tonight when we watched TV.  It's very dark under here, good thing my Apple has light up keys. 

My tables were very useful today and pretty I might add.

No photos of the craft projects quite yet.  It might ruin the surprise for someone :)

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