Thursday, January 3, 2013

Me 2013

I was practicing with a couple small flashes tonight and there was no one else around to practice with so I grabbed a teddy bear and he did okay.  His eyes are glassy enough to show catchlights.

I decided to brave it and get in front of my camera.  What a mess this was.  First my batteries were dead on my remote so I had to run around my camera and get in the right spot within 10 seconds, run back, look to see what effect my flash was getting, go back set some other stuff, run around..... Then I knew since I wasn't in front of my camera it wasn't focusing on me and my face/eyes were blurry but at that point I didn't care, that's not what I was after.  Then I remembered seeing a photo on pinterest as an inspiration to getting healthy and I wanted to recreate it.  {As I was mad at myself for eating the chocolate left over from Christmas}  Well to get the camera to focus on me without me being able to be there was a bit tricky.  So I have this free-standing antique birdcage that I used to put where I needed to stand, position the part of the cage where my eyes would be when I stood there and focused the camera.  Then here's the brilliant moment {ding, ding, ding} I put the camera on manual focus.  Moved the birdcage, hit the shutter and ran to the exact spot the birdcage was.  It might not be perfect focus but it's better than I expected and worked for me to recreate my inspiration for 2013.

It's been very hard to get up and go to the gym since the holiday's started and even harder to not eat all the junk that is still in my house.  This morning Jenn at the fitness center gave us a brutal work out for Boot Camp.  Just because she's leaving in less than a month she feels the need to whip us into shape before she's gone.  After the repeaters, lunges and glut lifts that went on for like 15 minutes she said "I hope you all can walk tomorrow".   This afternoon I e-mail my sister......... "tightness is setting in already, can't wait to see how sore I am tomorrow morning".  If you hear a loud pitched screaming sound about 4:40am it's me trying to shut the alarm off for another morning of torture.  You would think after almost 3 years of this I would no longer be sore.... yeah right!!  Come try it I'll show you how sore your muscles can be.

Now if I would stop eating the chocolate around here the work-outs would be more effective.... but my thought on that is.  

The more I eat today the faster it will be gone.

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