Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maxwell night

Wednesday is Maxwell night and I wish I could say he loved his Grandma..... not the case.  He loves his Grandpa.  Grandpa plays on the floor with him, building towers, driving cars and trucks

So Maxwell can knock them over 

When I come to lay on the floor and play boy stuff with them Maxwell runs behind Grandpa to hide.

I swear Maxwell and Mallory have music pumping in their blood.  He picks up this slide and blows on it like it's a horn making music noises.

I know how to get Maxwell to be my friend..... 

Let him lick the spoon

I would scrape the bowl and hand it to him.  He would say "wlcome" and I would say "thank you" then he'd say "wlcome" again.

Mallory and Lynn were here for supper, I'm doing the dishes and Mallory runs to go potty before she has to leave, comes running back grabs me around the leg and says "thank you for letting me come here Grandma and making me supper".  She is the cutest thing ever and always so polite and remembers to say thank you without being reminded.  

I must say my children are raising 4 of the greatest kids I know..... I guess I will keep them all and wait patiently for the new little man to join us.  :)

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