Sunday, January 27, 2013

Inside the Cottage

Well we finally have the inside of the cottage cleaned and decorated to not be totally embarrassed for you all to see.  It really wasn't that dirty when we bought it, it was just stinking.  The lady had a dog that she didn't let outside so of course he peed inside.  All that was taken care of by John and our wonderful neighbor.  They ripped carpets and subfloors out and I thank them so much for doing that horrible job.  John has replaced the subfloors where we needed to and they will be covered up as soon as we have some good spring weather.  Until then it's bare floor but still very cozy cuz the smell of that poor inside dog is gone..... totally gone!!

I have washed every wall, window, trim, cupboard, closet, toilet, bathtub, sink..... in this place and it really wasn't that bad.  Yes it was dirty and gross and I needed a shower often but the work is now done and this is what the place looks like when we walk in the door.

This is the living room with a room off to the right.  Not sure what that room is suppose to be, we're thinking maybe a breakfast nook or office area.... to us it will be another bedroom when we need it.

Here's the goofy room.  Nothing really in there yet.

Dining room is next

Dining room and kitchen.  The patio door look right out to the river.  It's a walk out basement so the deck is very high up.  John is giving me some kind of toast with his beer.

In the kitchen looking through the dining room to the hallway with the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room.

Guest bedroom.... always made up and fresh flannel sheets waiting for visitors.

Main bathroom.... very 60's green but I don't care, it works and it's clean.

Master bedroom, this is only 1 side of the room, to the right it's about the same width as this and a walk in closet.  This room is huge and we feel kinda spoiled having it since our bedroom at home is about a third of this size.

Master bathroom.  I didn't take pictures inside but the shower is all re-done with pine boards, it's the only upgrade they did on the house.  It's very nice and the shower feels so good up here.  I think it's the sand in the soil makes the water so soft.

So the steps to get in the basement are pretty crude.  They are solid metal and sturdy but need a facelift when it warms up.  They aren't held up with the birch logs they are just decorative.

We're not going in the basement for pictures, it's just a brick open area that needs some attention this summer.  

Here is the fireplace Lynn and Jesse gave us.  We love it, so cozy sitting in the living room.

John likes this wall so it's been decided to leave it as is.  I was going to paint or rip it apart but it's a cottage and it looks fine and I'm starting to actually like it.  Oh yeah the shade is missing from the right light.... yeah I broke it while cleaning.  Hoping to find one at a thrift store :)

Took another walk and of course some more outdoor photos.  This is our boat landing just down the road.

People pile wood up here just to tempt me with taking a picture of it.  This must be a retirement thing 

Road back home from my walk is way pretty.  I love it here.

We didn't spend the night this weekend, had too much going on at home.  It was just a quick trip up to check on things.  All was well.  When we got there, there were foot tracks walking into our back yard, up the stairs to the deck and in front of the patio doors.  The tracks came from the neighbors which is the lady's grandchildren.  I just had to smile and feel a bit giddy that the kids were up to their cottage and wanted to check out grandma's house to see what we did with it.  Hopefully we'll get to meet them during one of our visits.  They don't come up very often from what we've heard.

There you have it, our home away from home.  It will only keep getting better and better.  
A place where memories will be made.

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