Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miss Allie - 9 months

Miss Allie is 9 months already.  She is a snuggly, jabbery, lovable little girl.  She came over all dressed for summer....

And she found her ability to move around at a quick little pace.  
There is no keeping her in one spot anymore.

Unless you give her things to distract her.  She loves the eggs because she knows momma hides puffs in them but that grass is another story.  She didn't like that stuff at all.

Some play time with Momma.  Momma tickles those cubby thighs until Allie is uncontrollably giggling, it's the best sound ever.

Grandma came with so of course we had to get the three of them together. 
I love Allie's pose on this one, she is just too cute.

Grandma is a good friend of mine and is one beautiful lady.  
Doesn't look much like a grandma to me :)

Allie the Easter Bunny

Allie and her pretty momma

A game of peek-a-boo

And Allie is telling me she is tired of this.

Good friends, great company and one special little girl...... prefect way to spend time with them.

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