Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Visitors - Happy Spring

We had Easter with the kids on Friday since the rest of the weekend someone couldn't be here.  The trouble with your kids getting married, having other families, and starting their own family traditions is I have to share them.  I can share everything but my children..... okay so I do share them but I don't like it.  

We had a fantastic time on Friday with the kids finding their baskets and hidden eggs.  They all were well rested, not crabby from being pulled from one house to another and everyone could stay as long as they wanted with no where else to go, no work or school the next day.  It was another holiday without the camera..... but I'm okay with that.  

Saturday we celebrated my dad's 86th birthday.  We had to limit the meal to only the brothers/sisters or the restaurant couldn't take us all.  So only Sharon and Dan couldn't make it.  We filled one whole side of the dining room.  It was another event without the camera.... I took a couple with my i-phone but couldn't back up far enough to get us all in.  

Tried horizontal but only added one more person.  There are still more of us beyond the photo.  

It was a great time helping my dad celebrate another birthday.   March is full of family birthday's so when we welcomed each other with hugs my brother Randy hugs me and says "Happy Birthday".... "nope Randy it's not my birthday".... "well it WAS your birthday"....... "nope not yet"...... "really there is someone in the family without a March birthday?"

Great night but driving home in the fog was crazy.  Was never so glad to be home and still in one piece.

Easter Sunday it's just John and I.   Actually was last year too and we did very well together.  Got up early, made left over ham and cheese omelets and took a drive up north to check on the cottage.  Before we left we had a visitor eating in the tree.  I didn't take his picture because we were heading out but he was back again tonight so I got him.

Nice chubby Robin

Good to remember that if I just stretch my neck I can look thinner.

I'd say they are a bit hungry with all the snow we have and these berries are quite hollow.

A robin is the promise of spring so let's bring it on.

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