Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Baby Girl

Getting to spend some time with the new family was so sweet.  Their new baby girl arrived 8 days ago and she was so adorable.  Their home was filled with flowers, balloons, gifts, and lots of new baby stuff.  Mommy had that "new mommy glow" to her, this little baby is her life, the center of her universe..... oh and dads too.

Of course as always baby's sleep, sleep and sleep some more at this age ...... until I get there.  She decided she wanted to watch what was going on and sleeping she wasn't.  Her big blue eyes were checking everything out. 

By the time I was packing up to leave she was zonked out.  It's hard work being the center of attention.

Just one for tonight, I will have more in a couple days to share from this session.  Her bedroom was so darn cute I can't wait to share it with you.

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Tina said...

This picture is so heavenly! What a wonderful memory for the mommy to hold on to.