Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pretty snow...... in April

This year we are having a winter that never ends.  It seems like it snows everyday lately and there are so many people with cabin fever, us included.

This weekend I had two cancellations due to sick children so that freed up my entire weekend to do whatever we wanted.  So we decided to go up north to the cottage.  Gayle and Bill were traveling up there in the afternoon to buy a bike.  Not sure where they are going to ride bike with the snow but they are getting ready for summer..... that I'm sure will get here at some point.  So we drove to meet them for lunch..... and bought two kayaks {suckers}.  Now the store owner promised we would have summer and we would get to use them.  So we loaded up the bike and the kayaks during a snow storm and headed to lunch.  

After lunch we headed back up to the cottage and had an afternoon of Old Fashions and looking through Trash to Treasure magazines.  I think that's the hardest part for me..... I'm having spray paint withdrawals.  

After Gayle and Bill left I decided it was time to stop drinking my afternoon away and take that new kayak sledding down the hill into the open river.  John said no {he's a bit of a party pooper}!!  I guess I'll have to walk and take the camera to see what I can find that looks pretty, right now snow does not look pretty anymore.  

There was about 4" of fresh snow and continuing to fall.  Funny how in December this looks so much prettier and just gives you a warm cozy feeling when you're all tucked in the cottage with the fireplace going.  

My walk down the hill up to my knees in snow.

Then I see a pair of geese swimming by on my way down the hill.  I started to hurry and fell and slid down a couple feet.  The kayak would have been so much more fun than my butt.  

They were swimming fast downstream so I followed them along the riverbank.  Having to pick up my heavy boots in 3' of snow really slows you down.  I stopped a couple times to grab a quick shot and soon they were gone so far I couldn't catch up with them. 

Then I decided to capture some close ups on my stroll back.

Of course I knew this would burn me....... I hear something and there goes the geese flying up the river right above the water and I'm squatting down trying to get some close ups of weeds..... swung around, ran a few steps and fired away...... missed them.  They were fast swimmers but really fast flying.  I missed an eagle flying the river too.  Don't worry I now have a mission to capture that at some point this spring.  No more sitting inside drinking Old Fashions I'll be out waiting by the river.... and John will have to deliver the Old Fashions to me :)

I was so glad I ventured out, it was so peaceful by the river and I enjoyed my walk/run along the river's edge.  While I was out it had stopped snowing and the sun came out for a bit so I took a walk along the road.  Stopped for some interesting shots.  

Our steps to the upper deck.  Love the repeating pattern

Our truck backed up to the garage to unload the kayaks.  Love the contrast of this one.

A bit of snow hanging onto the branch.  Love the bokeh 

Stopped by the boat landing and couldn't resist the reflections in the river. 

More moss on the tree.... I'm a sucker for lime green moss on a tree.

It's warm out so the new snow is dripping off the roof.

I then went back inside and tried to talk John into coming down to the river with me to experience it's peacefulness.  And then this happened......

So I once again ran down the hill...... I think I might be okay with the snow in April.

I can kayak in a snowmobile suit.

I know it's tough to enjoy the beauty of snow in April but I really enjoyed my afternoon looking at it through my lens and not freezing my fingers off.   

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