Friday, April 19, 2013

Newborn Life + Growing Family + Sweet Love

 I had the pleasure of entering a home with new beginnings, new adventures, new life and the most over pouring love a mother and father could have for their baby girl.  Seeing a new mom and dad experience their 1st child is the sweetest thing ever.  There is so much love they have for their child that they never knew they could have.  I entered into their home in the background and they ignored me totally.  I have no reason to explain the photos below, they tell the story all by themselves.  

Sleep tight baby girl..... 

There were so many more that I could share but I did have to limit the amount I shared.  

Thank you Kerry and Eric for letting me share in your day and your beautiful little girl.  Aubree's room is beautiful and her daddy's artwork will be treasured for many, many years.  

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Kerry Flynn said...

These pictures look great!! Thank you Connie you did a beautiful job!!!