Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mr. Bennett and Miss Madelyn - Sneak Peek

I love it when this little girl smiles but I love her serious look too.  She does a great serious stare and has that innocent little look to her.  Bennet came for his 3 month pictures but Madelyn is a Miniature Prom Queen next weekend so while Bennet finished his snooze from the car ride we captured Madelyn's princess dress.

Next weekend she will have her hair all done by Miss Jessie and be dancing the night away with Prince Preston.  A little girls dreams come true to be a princess surrounded by High School Prom girls in their beautiful dresses.

Mr Bennett woke up and he's all smiles.  I can't believe how he's grown in 3 short months.

I'm sure you must be wondering..... she really does smile..... a lot.  But I like the serious look

Here's her sweet smile that mommy and daddy are used to.

A beautiful family inside and out.  

Love this one.  Bennett has grown into quite the chunk but he's no problem for dad's strong arms.

 Daddy with his two special little ones.

Grandma wanted to do a similar photo to one we had for Madelyn when she was little.  Bennett was a bit older so it was difficult to lay him back and snuggle.  Once they find their strength to sit up there is no laying them down like a newborn.

Momma and her little girl

And her two babies.

Put together a collage since I really liked all the smiles on these 3 photos.  

It's wonderful to be able to share in others lives as they raise their children.  When Madelyn come through the door she knows who I am and gives me hugs when she leaves.  Those are the moments I love what I do.  

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