Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another cutie pie - 9 months Alaina

Miss Alaina is a whopin' 9 months old.  She is the cutest chubbiest little girl ever.  She came over in a really good mood, got through all the pictures in a really good mood and was out the door in no time flat.  Momma was sure happy with her big girl.

She had to show off her gymnastics moves right away.  She is really good at the splits.

She's a girl on the move so we had to contain her a bit.

Love her little toes peekin' out over the tub.

A  quick outfit change for Alaina so of course me and the little helper had to play a bit.  Gracie was very proud of her kitty purse so we had to include it in the photo.  

She is quite the doll and looking so much like her daddy.

I put this one in black and white just because I thought she looked like a china doll.

I've gotten to know Alaina and Gracie's momma so much within the last year and I love her.  She is a great mom, a wonderful friend and a super funny girl.  Can't imagine our photo club without her.... of course without her we might not eat pizza, french fries, burgers, homemade bread, chocolate chips.....  

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Anonymous said...

Such kind words Connie! Thank you so much. You can always count on me for food.