Tuesday, March 19, 2013

William and Allison - Sneak Peek

My great niece and nephew came over for photos.  I love being able to spend time with them and their mommy's.  It's fun to watch them grow up and this is another time to spend a little one on one with them.  
William is 6 months and let me tell you he is doing so much more than most 6 months.  He is sitting up with no problems, scooting around the house, standing up on furniture, pulls himself up on furniture, walks while holding your fingers.... just amazing.  He's so small and skinny and loved to come snuggle with me.  Mommy says he's always happy and that he was.

His big sister Allison couldn't wait for her pictures to be taken.  She loved being in front of the camera and was a poser.   This is all her....... her serious look

And then in an instant a smile.  She even brought along her own camera and mimicked me while I was taking pictures of William.  

Allison trying to keep William next to her.

Allison loved to play dress up with all the hats.  She would try them all on and want her picture taken.  

Here she is posing again

Again trying to keep William in the same spot..... he got away on her and pulled himself up to standing from a sitting position.  Don't worry he's not going to fall we are right there to catch him but Allison did a good job all by herself.  Of course I think it's all William, he stands pretty well by himself.

Allison didn't like being the cheese in the sandwich.

William had a snack and we found out he loved Uncle John.  He played and charmed with him the whole time he drank his bottle.  We went back to more photos and John went outside and William was so sad.  Amber and I tried and tried to get him to smile but no luck.  He did good but just no big smiles...... then Uncle John walked back in.

He's loving all the attention John is giving him. 

Of course I have to get Amber to do a few fun shots with me.  Amber shares a birthday with John, I remember the day she was born I was dating John and he didn't come to school that day.  And back when you're in High School that's a horrible day when you can't see your boyfriend between classes especially on his birthday.  

Such a pretty girl she is.   I love her eyes.  She looks a lot like her mom

Allison also had to play dress up and pose some more.

Grandma Hemmer knew I was going to take the kids pictures and she asked "are you going to take Ambers picture like the other girls?"   She really loves her pictures of the girls dressed like her and she really likes the great granddaughters so of course we had to get Allison too.  

Grandma asked on Monday morning right away.  Did Amber and Allison get their pictures taken for me.  Yes Grandma they did..... she was all smiles.  
Thank you Amber for making your grandmothers day :)

And thank you for visiting with us, we loved every minute of it.

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