Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Someone's a bit blue

Today is Lynn's birthday.  I e-mailed to wish her a Happy Birthday and all I got on the reply was tears. Well not really tears but you could tell by her reply that this wasn't a happy day.  See Lynn is 30 today and she's not handling 30 very well at all.  So I call her and she is crying like real tears, she's been crying all morning.  I tell her..... "what do you have to be crying about, I should be the one crying, my daughter is turning 30!!"

I check on her later in the day and still tears....... 

Lynn comes to town on Wednesday's so I ask what her plans are for when Mally is at church.  She is going to feed the ducks and take a walk with Max.  I finally talk her into coming by us so we can help her with the sadness in her day.  I'm feeling terrible that she is so upset so I chill a bottle of wine.

She gets there and it's worse than I thought.... I snapped a quick picture while she mopes around drinking her wine.

Yep she's a mess.

Will we ever see that bubbly happy girl again?

Let's try chocolate.

It might be working, there's a little smile.

Happy 30th Birthday Lynn

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Lynn said...

Love it! So perfect!