Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baby A (aka JR, Jr., AJ)

Baby A is home from the hospital and I have to admit I cannot get enough of him.  He is the calmest little baby I have ever held.  He lays so still when he's sleeping or when he's awake.  

It doesn't matter if he's got his arms stretched out above his head or his toes curled up under his butt....... I love this little boy.  

When you set his hands free they go right to his mouth....

Looking for that thumb.

Adam sucked his thumb lots.  I don't remember if he did it quite this young but he was a thumb sucker and liked tags.  He would curl his finger around any tag he could find.  When someone would hold him I always had to give the warning.... "he's going to put his hand in your shirt and move it around your neck until he gets the tag on your shirt between his fingers".  If we were shopping and he got crabby I would push the shopping cart into a rack of clothes so he could find the tags and he was good as gold.  

Adam Jr. is just like his daddy..... loving that thumb.

Monica bought bunny ears for Jr. so of course we had to try them on.  He makes the cutest little Easter bunny ever.

Oh I can't get enough of him.  Love the curve in his belly and the tilted head.

Them is Adam's lips.  

Oh I think Momma and Daddy love this little boy more than they ever thought they could.  And Baby A is adjusting quite well to the outside world.  We can't wait to snuggle him again.


runwyoming said...

Adorable! You are so lucky! I love the blue bunny ears!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats again! Just have to say... I remember when Adam Sr used to always find the tag on anybody's shirt! I remember one time (at Starla's maybe?) that he was passed around until you found someone with a tag! Elaine