Monday, March 18, 2013

He's Here.......

Adam calls about 6:30 last night.  John answered the phone and he begs Adam to talk to him.... giving up he hands the phone to me.  Adam says "it's time"...... what? really? why? where are you? what's going on? are you driving?..... I finally need to take a breath so Adam says "Monica's water broke so we are heading to the hospital, I'll keep you updated"  

Oh boy her water broke so this means we will "have" a baby soon.  Adam told me to tell the girls so I quickly call Lynn who just left our house and tell her.  She is giddy and watching for him on the road.  I call Shannon and she is closing her curtains and says "Mom it must be happening quickly Adam just drove by like a madman"

Fast forward a few hours and lots of praying that everything goes well and Adam text and says Monica is doing well and still no baby.  I tell him I want a phone call no matter what time it is.  

We go to bed not really intending on getting any sleep but it's late and we both get up early.  About a 1/2 hour goes by and Adam calls.... John answers the phone and insists on talking to me again.  I don't think John really likes this....  Adam says there is trouble and the baby is breech and they are calling in another doctor.  They may have to do a c-section, he seems to be doing fine but you can tell in his voice that he's worried.  I feel so helpless letting my kids be parents, I'm the one who is suppose to worry about everything not them.  

So we try to sleep some more but it's not happening, we just lay there and think and pray and think and pray.... 

Adam calls again at 12:30 and has good news for us.  I have switched sides of the bed with John because he knows Adam won't talk to him {there's something special between a mom and her son}  Adam says "he's here!!"  I can't remember the million questions I threw out to him but I'm sure they were all said in two seconds.  My first concern was Monica and if she was okay.  He said she was doing good, it was a c-section and baby was crying so he was doing good.  

Here is the new little man with a little smirk for grandma.  

I asked Adam what his name was and he says "I don't know if I can tell you"

It was 12:30 in the morning and I was okay to wait a little longer for his name.  

Now I told the girls I would text them if it was late so I text them and then I get a picture on my phone from Adam.  The baby's first picture...... I sit and stare at it for like 10 minutes nudging John to wake up and look at him, isn't he the cutest thing ever.... Then I lay down thinking it's time for sleep because morning is coming real soon.  Well the text messages keep coming.  John's alarm goes off and I don't think we've slept but an hour or so.  He calls into work and so do I, we need a bit more sleep and there is a baby to go snuggle.  I'm not sure how productive I would have been at work anyway between wanting to take a nap and anxious to go see the baby.

We picked up John's mom to come with and see her 17th great grandchild.  When we got there Adam was stretched out in the chair with the baby on his chest, they were all napping.  Our little boy snuggling his new baby..... {tears}

Normally Grandma Great doesn't hold little babies but she took right to him and snuggled for a long time.  

Her favorite little kisses

He was wide awake while we were there.  I checked him all out and decided he is perfect.  

Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well.  It was a blessing he was breech as the cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times.  Our little boy is already proving to show how smart he is by flipping around at the last minute so he can be delivered safely into this world.  

Oh his name, do you want to know his name.....  

Adam John Jr.  

Still brings me tears when I think of his name, what a special little boy we have.

Congratulations to Monica and Adam, we love you tons and can't wait to watch you raise your son with all the love you share between each other.  And I'm sure with both of you that means in the garage getting greasy as soon as AJ can sit up and hold a wrench.


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runwyoming said...

He is perfect! Congrats to you all!

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Oh Connie - he is PERFECT. I cannot fathom how crazy for you and John it must be to see your baby with a baby but what a blessing. He is just the sweetest little thing.

Courtney Smith said...

congratulations, grandma! enjoy every second :)