Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grandchild number 5.......soon

Grandbaby number 5 is coming soon.  He's stretching out inside his momma and making her so uncomfortable but he's taking his own sweet time coming.  If he's anything like his daddy I'm sure he's just waiting for some snowstorm that will cause some slipping and sliding to the hospital.  There's nothing that makes Adam happier than doing donuts in our driveway that drives his father crazy.  Yep he's a boy and always has been.  Loud trucks, going fast, spinning around, buying toys, tearing apart his toys..... some day his boy will be the spitting image of him and this grandma is going to smile from ear to ear.  

Today they get to our house and Adam revs his motor up a gazillion times and John says "why does he do that, it drive me crazy"..... I say "because he knows you don't like it"  

Since g-baby number 5 is taking his sweet time I finally talked Monica into letting me take some belly shots.  Even though baby is making her uncomfortable it's a moment in her life that she will want to remember forever.  And she is one beautiful little mommy that can't wait to hold her little boy.

There might be a lot of photos for you to look at but hey I kinda like these three people.  :)

These two are so goofy

and sweet

and sweeter......

and the sweetest one is coming soon.  
We hope..... Adam was 3 weeks past his due date so this could take awhile yet.

If you can't tell I'm a bit excited.  It's been a while since this family has snuggled a little baby.

When they left all we heard was a loud truck spinning around and revving up it's motor...... then John got a text message...... "Monica was driving"


runwyoming said...

Amazing! What a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Of course I saw them after the fact! One comment tho...Adam's "serious look" just doesn't look like Adam. Gotta love that smile he alwasys has! (Much bigger now I imagine!) Thanks for doing this blog, so we can keep up.
Elaine (and Wally)