Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have some news for you all.... I've been called back to work. I have been hearing rumors all week but it's finally a for real thing, I got the call and I report back to work next week. I have totally enjoyed my time off but I am a working girl at heart. I need my schedule, I need my brain time, my challenges, my career, my stress... yes I need stress in my life it's how I function I do well with work stress but not the stress that I have been having. I don't know how to deal with "no work stress". {insert happy dance here with a little yee-ha}

My friend "K" called on Monday and told me there was rumor I was coming back so I should finish up my projects this week..... WHAT? Me finish my projects, not a chance but I will give it a good try. This is my secret project that I haven't really told you about, I will have reflection in my garden real soon, the water is in but it's still a mess back there so you can't see the whole thing until it's done. I should have moved the orange shovel before taking this picture... oh well

My sister DiAnn came over this morning to check on our progress and left a message because I wasn't home. "Connie, pond is looking like a hole in the ground, you need more dirt" So later that day John and I worked on the pond in sweet voices with no yelling or calling each other names.... yeah right! I think DiAnn heard us from her house and came down to check on us. A few beers later DiAnn, John and I have considered it a working pond... a few more beers and the rocks moved around 16 more times and it's even better... a few more beers and this trickling of water has got to stop or we need a working toilet in the garden shed!! John and I have to go to the local tavern for pizza fries and DiAnn goes home to a burnt roast.... yep I think it's gonna be good addition to our gardens.


Emmerichs Events said...

Yeah!!! I heard some rumors about two weeks ago that they may be calling people back. So glad to hear you were one of them (but I didn't doubt that you would be). I can't wait to see the pond. I knew when we talked you would be putting that in sooner than you said. I saw that look in your eye.

Lynn said...

This was a secret project!! I didn't even know! Guess it is high time we come to your house to see the updates!!

Shan and I were talking one night and we both agreed it is going to be weird having you go back to work. But we are both glad you are going!!