Friday, July 31, 2009

I match my house

Garage sale finds to match my home decor. A new apple green coat with black trim and a fun purse in reddish orange, tan and apple green. John says "how many coats do you need?" I guess when it cost $1.50 I don't even think about how many I need. I haven't posted a picture of myself for quite sometime and I remember saying that when I stopped doing Self Portrait Tuesday that I would at least post myself once in a while so here I am in my new coat and purse.

Ohhhh I'm not liking my hair so blonde, that darn sun... it's a good thing I'm going back to work, the sun is really bad for my hair, or it could be that I didn't do anything with it this morning since I forgot Shan was coming so I had two minutes to get ready. Check out Hemmer Happenings for the rest of my finds Here

1 comment:

Patti said...

We must be on the same wavelength because I so would have bought both of these items also. LOVE the jacket and of course the color and who doesn't love a new purse.