Saturday, August 1, 2009


The photography contest is over and I am the winner of THREE 1st place, THREE 2nd place, TWO 3rd place and "THE BEST OF SHOW". The contest was judged by a scoring system with about 5 different questions. The contest had 4 categorizes and you could enter 4 photos into each category. I'm glad I entered, it was fun to go to the fair and check out the winners, next year I'll have all of you entering the contest..... keep clicking.

I didn't win a freezer like my cousin Deb for her fabulous dessert entry, but I did win $42.

Here is my Best of Show Winner


DEB said...

It's not the prize that counts, its that you enjoyed the project and now see if you can challenge yourself for next years entry. What building were these in? I missed them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats you deserve all 1st's .

shannon E. said...

Wow Connie that is super de dooper which we were there to see them!! Congratulations