Sunday, August 2, 2009

Painted Door

I painted my closet door in the breakfast nook black but I thought it needed a little punch of color. I read a trick about getting sharp edges when using painters tape but I never took the time to try it until now..... it was so worth it.

Here is how to get sharp clean lines with painters tape.

1) tape the edges you want
2) paint the area next to and over the tape with the same color that's on the other side (i.e. my door was black I painted the area inside the taped square black)
3) let it dry.... this is the hard part, I can't wait for paint to dry
4) paint the color you want (i.e. my squares are red, yellow and tan)
5) peel off the tape..... whaaaa laaaa clean sharp edges, no touch up needed

Patty this is what's on the other side of the hole in the wall you seen here. This is where I drank my juice ( I hate coffee) every morning and soak up the sunshine coming in the front door. I'm thinking I need to get up about 15 minutes earlier so I can still have my quiet time in the morning before heading out the door. Wish me luck!

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Patti said...

I like it!! Was the chair a garage sale find too?