Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh my where's my couch

2 nights of getting to bed very late... or should I say early morning. 2 hayrides, hours of grilling, live music and lots of dancing.... where's my couch I think it's calling my name. I'm not a napper but today I almost could be..... John just about fell asleep on his supper plate tonight.

The fun we had this weekend was so worth the tired body. I love watching all the cousins get together having fun remembering all their favorite childhood memories. Now most of the cousins have their own children so watching the mom's and their children is such a blessing. I loved hanging out with my cousins while growing up, I'll treasure those memories forever and I believe the Hemmer children will do the same.

From our best guess there were about 115 people at Hemmerfest. I'll try to get pictures posted on Hemmer Happenings so you can see the blast we had. We already have reservations for sites next year and t-shirt orders. However, with all the rain we had there is a Motorhome stuck in the hayfield and 3 campers that have to stay put for a few days. This is how Countryfest started isn't it? I think they called it Mudfest when they had to pull all the campers out of the muddy hay fields.


Emmerichs Events said...

Sounds like so much fun. How wonderful to do that - sharing old memories and creating new ones.

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a blast!!!