Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garrett "GarMan"

Garrett is 9 months old, he is growing so fast and such a mommas boy. Shannon and I took pictures of him last Friday, the only time he is smiling is when he's spitting drool down his chin. So all the good picture of him "no smiles" all the wet pictures of him "smiles". After we were done I sat him down in a puddle from the pond liner and let him splash, lots of smiles but he was not about to look up at me.

I did a new technique on this photo but I'm not sure that I like it. Here it is SOOC

Here it is with a ShaZam effect

What I did for anyone wanting to try it.

Open the photo.
Duplicate the layer twice.
Set the top layer to Screen, and the second layer to Overlay.
Adjust the opacity of this two-layer combination.
Erase out any too-dark or too-red parts of the Overlay layer. (skin)

I also burned the edges to give it some depth and I did brighten his eyes to bring out those wonderful catch lights, but that's a different tutorial.

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Lisa said...

he is still very handsome in both photos...such a big boy!!!