Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate

I left about 5 Kiss Me's in the back garden, they are getting about 7-8 foot tall and starting to weep over the path. Why can't I control this plant it would make it so much prettier, I just keep thinking about spring with the 250,000 babies that will sprout up because of these 5.

I gave the babies to lots of garden friends this year, anyone have luck keeping them alive? If not I'll have more next year for you to try. It's totally amazing that the tiny plant this starts out as grows to be 10' tall and stalks are as big around as a tree trunk, some I left in the garden for winter we could use as fire pit logs, seriously!!

Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate

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the Baitlady said...

Hi Connie...
Staci had given me two little plants that came from you and I'm sorry to say... they passed away. So if you're still passing them on to friends next spring ~ think of me???