Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Early morning call

This week Adam started school, he has a very early class and since he has to drive 40 minutes to get there he needs to leave before me in the morning. Adam is not a morning person but when he needs to get up, he does without complaint. This morning after he left the phone rang, he found another tree frog while backing out of the garage and wanted to let me know so I could take pictures of him. This tree frog is so cute but I didn't have Adam to help me maneuver him into photo posing positions. I took his picture on the garage wall where he was stuck but I didn't like it.... to blah. So I had to find a stick and start touching him to let go of the wall, well he let go of the wall alright, he jumped right at me..... AHHHHHHH I few very loud screams escaped my lips which woke up John who came out to check on me. Imagine this scene.... me laying on the driveway flat on my stomach, in my dress clothes, after screaming wildly a few seconds earlier.

Good photos are all about the moment, right?
My poor hubby, he just shakes his head and goes back in the house.

Here you go Adam another frog pic for your room, thanks for the phone call.

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