Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Game

El had her last game of soccer, she was ready to be done. El is a girly girl and soccer was beginning to be a contact sport that involved someone else's elbow against her nose and eye socket resulting in tears, loud crying and even a little blood but we won't tell her about the bloody nose she would freak. She did however go back in the game but was more of a "ball must find me and make contact with my foot" kinda player. I don't think this was the green mass she got hurt in but it was one just like it with lots of kicking and bumping going on. We are going to miss these weekly game nights, hopefully she will forget the injuries by next year and we'll be back.

I know Adam would want me to tell you his t-ball days story so I will. When Adam was 4 going on 5 "I" wanted him to play t-ball so I lied about his birthday and said he would be 5 before the cut off date. He was on the team and he was a very, very small kid so he looked a little young but they let him play anyway. His first game he got up to bat and hit the ball but the other team got someone else out and that was the 3rd out..... Adam didn't know or understand what was happening so he stood on 1st base just as proud as could be..... until all the other team's kids ran to their dugout which was right in line with 1st base and they plowed him over, he was trampled on and smashed in the dirt. It reminded me of a cartoon where the dust is flying and the kid is rolling somersaults. I of course am too busy talking that I don't see my poor baby getting stampeded on until he's crying and blood is coming from every hole in his face. The next game the coach tried to talk Adam into playing but he would not, he sat on the bench with us and was not about to go back out there. The coach promised him that he could hit and he wouldn't get hurt, he went for it and got all the way home on the next kids hit. He ran so fast and had to go potty that he ran for the bathroom..... tripped on the concrete and had another run in with the dirt and more blood.... that was the beginning and the end of his t-ball career, he was never playing again. We did sign him up again the next year, when he WAS old enough, and he did just fine. He now watches Josh and Jake play ball and wishes he could go back out there again with them.


The Rau's said...

Did Ellyn really get a bloody nose? Oh my goodness!!!! I never watched a soccer game before this summer..very fun.
Adam did ask Josh if he could switch shirts and hats with him and just pretend to be Josh so he could bat last night. :)

the Baitlady said...

Oh my.. the blood and tear years of our kids in sports! 2 funny ... great post as usual!