Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pencil Sketch

There is a filter in Photoshop to turn your photo into a pencil sketch but it just doesn't look right so I've never used it. Tonight I played around with photoshop and made my own pencil drawing and it looks so much better, almost printable wall hangable. Or it could just be the perfect subject.

This is the photo SOOC

Cropped, changed to black and white, changed to a negative, added another layer, changed to color dodge, added blur and adjust the radius... wha-la it's a pencil sketch.


Jules said...

You confuse me. I dig around in that darn ps and I can't get anything to look the way I want.. Ugh.

Emmerichs Events said...

I love that. I have tried that pencil sketch before and I agree it always looks awful. I like this way better. Cute pic of Kristi. She looks great (and so grown up). How come it doesn't seem odd to see our kids grown but when you see other peoples kids grown up they "look so old". She and Jenn are the same age but for some reason I keep thinking she should still be in high school - or at least college.

Lynn said...

And all that took you a matter of 4 seconds right?! You fly around that program like no other!