Friday, July 3, 2009

Not quick enough... darn Poppies

I needed to pull all the poppies out of the gardens before they bloomed, I made up my mind this year that I wouldn't go through this poppy overload another year...... I wasn't quick enough, the first one bloomed yesterday and now this morning there are about 8 more. I went to the back gardens and they weren't blooming yet so I pulled them all up and got rid of them before I changed my mind. I threw away about 10 wheelbarrow loads of these so far this summer. Now the only ones left are by the front patio that are blooming so I'll have to time them just right before they go to seed and cause me the same problems next year.

Here is the dangerous red poppy, it's about 8 inches wide and really silky..... could you pull this up and throw it away when it's blooming?

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