Saturday, July 25, 2009

All work and no play

So this was the weekend we had nothing going on so it's work weekend. We need to stain and varnish windows, lots of windows. Friday right after John get home from work we need to start this process to even come close to finishing the half of the half of the windows we have left. Re-cap for Friday.... looks like rain and the wind is coming from the west which is the side of the house we were going to start on. We better not chance it so we take a trip to the woods for a walk, watch a ball game in town, stay until it's dark, stop at the tavern before returning home for 1 drink.... wee hours of the morning we return home. Thank goodness I listened to the 1 drink rule, morning came real fast.

Saturday it looks like rain, it doesn't look like rain... it does, it doesn't.... The windows to the east and south come out anyway. I swear I heard "it won't rain for long" 7 times during the day. Each time the rain didn't last for long and came at the right time (drying time). Half of the windows we planned to do are done and they look incredible. I don't remember doing this the last time we put all new windows in this house, I must have been playing Mommy to 3 small children and didn't have time to help.

Something else was busy building his/her house today and John insisted I take a picture.... yuck it creeps me out. You can even see the raindrops that got into her house at the bottom left.

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