Monday, July 27, 2009

Double Duty

Wanna make hubby and son mad.... use the ottoman as a coffee table. Damn girls and their decorating stuff, that's for my feet when I take a nap.

This tray came from the garage, there was no handle so we used a spindle and I painted it my fun summer apple green. The vase I just bought at a thrift store for 39 cents, the doily is made by John's grandmother, the edging is.... apple green and of course the remote doesn't stay put in here for very long.

If I'm off work much longer we may be replacing the carpet sooner than we figured.... when I work John is the one to vacuum and sweep the floors but now I have sucked and pushed more dirt in 6 weeks than I have in the last year. Our living room has been re-arranged a dozen times, anything that isn't nailed down has been spray painted, the finish is starting to wear off our dishes, our washing machine doesn't understand what it's like to NOT be running, my closet is scary organized, my weeds don't have a chance, the TV automatically turns on to HGTV when the first sprinkle starts, and John is starting to get spoiled with his wife here when he gets home.

I really am enjoying my time off but there are prices to pay for extra time. :)

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