Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

Today started out rainy and cold, I can't go to garage sales when it's rainy so I'm gonna stay home and get some inside stuff done. 6:35am Jeannie calls

Jeannie - "wanna go garage saleing?"
Me - "It's cold and rainy"
Jeannie - "I'm off today and winters coming"
Me - "ohhhh"
Jeannie - "You can't garage sale in the winter"
Me - "ohhhh"
Jeannie - "will you come out and play with me?"
Me {arm twisting} - "Yes, I'll be right there"

Actually the sales were better today than they have been. I got a silk tan bedspread that matches my bedroom perfectly, an aqua vase (for the hallway) and a seafoamy/celedony green dish (for El's old room, just wait till I show you the make-over in there that I did. It's now the grandchildren's room). I also got a wood flag sign for outside, a small rake, a red vase, an Old Navy sweatshirt for El, and a blue hard case wallet that Jeannie promised me I will love. I'm gonna miss Thursdays.

The pillows and blanket were already on my bed, the new tan bedspread is a perfect match to them and it's silky and soft.... I love bedding.

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Emmerichs Events said...

I thought I saw you leaving a garage sale on Thursday and figured we would see some "finds" on your blog.