Monday, July 20, 2009

Up North Again???

So this morning I went back "up north" for the day.... didn't I just get back from here last night? Oh well it was a great day for a ride. Kristi, Starla, Elly, Zoe and I all traveled up to eat lunch. To Elly's surprise she got to have lunch with Grandpa Roger, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Earl, and Grandma Joanne a little girl can never have too many grandparents.

At the fire pit are these fantastic chairs that I want to take home. Joanne said they found them at the end of someones driveway waiting for the trash man, they snatched them up and have been at the pit ever since. I drool over them every time I'm there. Joanne showed me one of them is in the woods a little broken but I can have it, shhhhhh don't tell John but in August when we come back up I'll be bringing it home with me, nothing is ever that broken!!

Since I already bought one of these chairs a few years ago, rust and all, I gave $25 for it. So With my calculations they have about $125 sitting here, some peoples trash is others treasures.

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