Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paint fume ramblings

What's a outside always gardening girl to do when we've had 2 days of uncontrollable wind, (makes me consider getting a buzz cut) going to do in the house. It's summertime I do hate.... ohhh strong word, dislike being in the house but I can't take it anymore out there. We live on the prairie so any small amount of wind gushes through the yard so these 90mph winds we've been having practically rip my clothes right off me and I'd hate to scare the neighbors so I'll find something to do in the house. Hummmm clean closets, eat my 3 servings of calcium so Shannnon stops hounding me, wash clothes, dust, vacuum, bake cookies, sweep.... how about painting!! The ceilings in the living room and breakfast nook still need a coat of paint to finish my project... hey it's gardening season.... Yeah I know it drives my sister crazy that I can stop a project without it being finished but that's how I roll.

Who knew that if your up on a ladder and the ceiling fan blade was in your way that if you gave it a big ole' spin that the next blade would hit you in the back of the head and knock you off the ladder? Don't even try to tell me that you knew it would happen.... ouch!! Good thing it was a new sturdy fan, the old one would have came crashing to the floor with me. I tried to get a picture of me all curled up on the floor but I couldn't find my "help I can't get up" alarm necklace so you get a photo of the light fixture that John needs to fix when he gets home.

I'm just kidding.... I didn't fall to the floor but my head still hurts where that blade hit me, so let this be a teaching post for you.... DO NOT spin the blades of a ceiling fan when you head is between them!! There now I feel better that you all learned something from my Lea moment. That's what we call those times we do things really silly... my mother was the queen of doing some really silly things, too bad I wasn't old enough to appreciate most of them before she died.

Okay so as long as I think I'm teaching you something for your future painting reference let's talk about this..... So I had 2 gallons of ceiling paint, mixed at the same time so when I started this project I cleaned up the first gallon and started the 2nd, should be fine right? Well no it wasn't, the 2nd gallon was a different type of base paint, seriously..... why would they mix me two different types of base paint, are you kidding me I don't get my paint at Walmart, I really do shop at a PAINT STORE.... anyway the sheen was different so a quarter of my first living room ceiling (separated by a beam) looked different than the rest so I had to re-paint everything I did with the 1st gallon. URGHHH now I was on the floor beating my head against the carpet since I already removed all my painters tape and have to redo it.....knowing that they tell you to start a new gallon on a new wall or a separated by a big ole' black wood beam, who ever believes that???? they just say that to make you use more paint!!

I'm okay really, I think the inside air is effecting me or it could be all the paint fumes. Since the ceiling paint is really boring here's a fun painting I did. Can tomorrow be winding too I'm back in the painting mood and I don't think I've sniffed enough fumes yet.

It's really bright but I like it and that little aqua glass I got at a garage sale, it was made to be there. Check out the shelf before paint here


DEB said...

I've done that fan blade thing too and it hurts. Sounds like tomorrow might be less windy but a high of 60. Crazy weather anyway.

Jules said...

I like the new color on the shelf, it looks great. Today I think there is a chance of flurries!! (not really but it sure feels like it) I have been painting for the last two days too. My in-laws have a new place and the whole inside has to be painted. I have a few new aches and pains from hours and hours a day painting.

Emmerichs Events said...

What is it about cold weather that makes us think of painting? I have been trying to figure out when I can paint the screen porch ceiling and I have our new garage doors all laid out on horses so I can paint them this weekend. Hopefully it will be warm enough for the paint to dry.

the Baitlady said...

I love the shelf ~ looks great. I would be ticked off too about the paint. You should make whoever mixed it up come and paint your ceiling for you and when he/she is up there by the fan... well you know... just give it a whirl. I'm bad.