Sunday, July 19, 2009

Party Girl Mallow

That's what we were today.... "Party Girl" is the name of this plant but also is a name for us today. We were coming home from "Up North" and seen a live band playing on the deck near the waters edge so we stopped to check it out...... 4 hours later we finally found the way back on the open road, so much for spending Sunday at home.

The band was fabulous, really, really loud (I still can't hear) and watching the people there was even better. One girl had a Margarita in one hand and a mug of beer in the other the entire time and she drank them until she had a hard time keeping the liquid in the glass while dancing. Her boyfriend/husband was in the band and when they played a slow song she would go in front of him and sway, spill her drink, and yell.... "I love you".... he was so impressed. :) Another girl had really big boots.... yeap I said boots, the boys never did see her boots they got lost higher up.... she had to be hot in that black very tight, very small black t-shirt. Another girl was super, super cute in her little shorts and had a little black bra trouble.... the guys didn't see that either.... yeah right!! Oh and one more, one girl who looked like a very average girl, like someone I could have a conversation with and instantly liked..... then she danced with her boyfriend/husband..... I'm thinking she was a stripper before and if not she could have been...... wow So much fun, the un-expected good times are the best.

Here is "Party Girl Mallow"

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Lynn said...

I love me a good 'people watching' and it sounds like this was a good one! And wasn't it SUNDAY?!!? Frisky people for a Sunday, I think! And wasn't this early afternoon?!? I could totally picture the girl swaying at the band screaming I love you!! I'm giggling! Too funny!