Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Every year since 2003 we have a 4th of July pool party at Ed and Jeannie's and I think every year it rains at some time during the day. Jeannie gets everything decorated so cute and festive and then we all rush to put everything in the garage. This year the weather was sunny and warm, with a short RAIN shower that chased us to the garage.... of course.

Elly swam all day long, she didn't care that her fingers were wrinkled or that no-one else was swimming so I sat by the pool all day watching her remember where she left off with her swimming skills from last summer. By the time we bribed her out of the water with a brownie she was back to her swimming and floating.

Check out Miss El in her glory.

Later we seen her up at the park for the fireworks and I guess I forgot to put the sunscreen under her eyes.... oops bad grandma.

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