Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Up North

Where is Up North??? Any place that you can relax, spend time with friends or family, enjoy the outdoors and feel the peace in the world. We are "Up North" this weekend with some very good friends.

We went to "Art-a-rama" today...... I'm very, very jealous of the beautiful photography that was for sale, it makes me want to work even harder at this out-of-control hobby. Since we were up north all the photographers had photos of nature, some of those photographers had to sit in the woods for hours to get those shots, but I would have to say the time was well worth it. I heard one of the wives talking to someone about her husband and how they have to sit in the same place for hours just waiting. All the "Artist" booths were very interesting to me, I am a very creative artistic person so I get into that stuff.... all way to pricey for me but so much fun to look at.... I mean stare at.

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Emmerichs Events said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Don't you love the work some of the artist do. It gives me such inspiration. However, you also give me inspiration - your work is beautiful - and I think you are the reason I am getting back into photography after not doing it for so many years. Thanks for the inspiration (although with all the photography equipment I have been buying I wonder if Lorin would thank you?) Julee