Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Strawberries + Salesguy

Made Strawberries for ice cream and a Strawberry Rhubarb Dessert today. Yummy!!

This morning on the news they talked about a guy going around selling children's books..... and then he asks to use your bathroom and steals your prescription drugs out of your medicine cabinet. This guy was here last week, he sorta startled me when he knocked on the front door, first of all no one comes in the front door and second I was standing right next to it sweeping the floor so it started off jumpy. I opened the door and he said his name and that he talked with a couple of my neighbors about children's books and wanted to know if I had all young children or were some teenagers. I told him my youngest graduated last month from High School.... he laughed a big ole' belly laugh (how rude) and said well then I don't need to waste your time. He turned to walk away and turned back around and walked back up to the door and said "One more thing.... I love the car" (Adam's white Pontiac with the hundreds of stickers, deer horns and the 20+ antennas) he even wrote it down on his clipboard "Cool Car in yard", he showed me and then walked to his car. Now that we know the story of the guy it's kinda creepy. John thinks he was on drugs since he thought Adam's car was cool!!

I have another salesmen story, about 6 years ago a sales guy came to the door and tried to sell me steaks.

Me - "I don't eat steaks"
Sales guy - "yeah right"
Me - "I really don't, I don't like them"
Sales guy - "You fat &^$# _itch"
(Seriously, not even kidding, he really did say that)
Me - "You think I'm fat now... you should have seen me before Weight Watchers"


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Joni rae said...

hmm... that is really creepy

Emmerichs Events said...

First story creepy. Second salesman story crazy. Don't you wonder what they are thinking when they do stuff like that. As if you are going to buy something after they talk to you like that - Ha. BTW - I don't eat steaks either - actually no red meat - beef or pork. Life is much better that way.