Monday, March 30, 2009

Cake Pops

Okay so Lynn wanted to have Bakerella's here cake pops, that The Pioneer Woman here had on her ranch as a guest, for her baby shower since they are so cute and so girly looking. She wanted us to get together and make them to have at the shower looking so stinkin cute. Well since I had Friday as another vacation day and I decided to have a trial run and see if these things are easy to make and if they are edible. Now I know everything I have tried from PW site is yummy so these should be fine but I'm a bit of a picky food person so I just had to check them out myself in the privacy of my own home. I made the cake while El was in school and then she got to help with the rest.

So you can see the whole story I had to give you three POTD's, you'll see why. Here is El thinking these are the cutest little things ever and can't wait to bite into it. (BTW - the picture was taken about 10 minutes after the post with the crocodile tear in the eye, funny how she forgot her arm was broken)

Then she got to try one..... does she like it or not???

NOT!! (Can her eyes get any bigger)

What a waste of M&M's.....I know Bakeralla and Pioneer Woman are not reading this blog but just in case they are I have to say that maybe I'm not the best cake pop maker and theirs are really good but these were not. I may need a personal lesson with PW and B-ella at her ranch and stay in the lodge for a few days.... weeks or months.

The cake baked as normal, then crumbled, and mixed with a can of frosting. I'm not a cake and frosting girl, I never eat just cake and frosting unless I have to during a party to be nice. I'm more of a brownie, dessert girl. So now I have about 20 of these cute little cupcake pops sitting on my cupboard because maybe they are good and I shouldn't throw them away. Do I have any volunteers to come over and try them??? I'm afraid to take them anywhere for fear they might be as bad as I think they are.

SIDE NOTE - We have had a plane circling around our house for about 3 hours, it's making a big loop covering what appears to be about a 4 mile circle. It is driving John crazy, he wants to know why. I keep telling him our airport is busy and they need to hover until the runways open up.... :) So if you know why this is happen please drop me a comment, John will be able to sleep so much better.


Lynn said...

The look on Elly's face is so funny! I love it! If those pops are still there when I come see the kids for prom I'll volunteer to try one.

DEB said...

I've been wondering if they are any good too. When she talked about mushing up the cake and mixing in frosting it kinda made me gag. Are they really sweet? I think they would be.
Maybe the plane is taking pictures!! Creepy.

Kari said...

That same plane drove me insane too! We can see the runway of the airport from our house, and it was all lit up last night, but the stupid plane never landed! Unfortunately, I do not have any idea what it was all about. But I felt your pain!