Friday, December 21, 2012

Stuck - Elf on a Shelf

We had a nice snow storm come through, it was beautiful outside.  John got a plow truck last week that is his new toy for the winter and he couldn't wait to try it out.  Now let's talk about this plow truck.... we picked it up about a week ago and this is our conversation

me - does this truck run?
John - it said it did
me - but does it run like good enough for you to drive it home?
John - it said it did
me - but......... maybe I should e-mail and ask
John - it will be fine
me - ok if you say so

Next day I e-mail and find out if the plow truck is drivable for the 45 miles on the highway.  The guy replies back and says "it runs but I don't know how good the brakes are, I'd bring a trailer"

me - we need to bring a trailer the guys said he didn't know how good the brakes are
John - well then you can drive it home
me - {gives dirty look with frowned eyebrows}
John - fine I'll get a trailer
me - so who is going to go with us?
John - no one
me - so like who is going to load this thing on the trailer?
John - you and I
me - so who is going with us?
John - it will be fine
me - {eyebrows came out again}  don't you have a couple brothers or a son or a buddy or a enemy, for all I care, that could come with us?

So he called his brother and we drove up to get this thing.  THANK GOD Ken came with us, there were no brakes and loading it on the trailer was a challenge and it was freaking cold outside.  Ahhhh yes the heat from the inside of the truck and pinterest on my phone was heaven.  It pays to have mean eyebrows.

So now the plow truck goes to the garage for brakes and it's back home before the snow.  The first night John is in the garage all night long, he comes in and this is our conversation.

John - so I vacuumed the truck seats really good, do you think that will be okay?
me - okay for what?
John - well they must have had a dog that rode in the plow truck
me - yeah?
John - well will you still sneeze if I vacuumed it?
me - I think it will be fine
John - oh good
me - you didn't have to vacuum it at all and it would have been fine
John - why you are allergic to dogs
me - I'm never going to get in the plow truck so I should be just fine
John - What??  you're going to ride with me when I plow the driveway aren't you?
me - No I'm not going to ride with you in the driveway
John - not even if I make you a cup of hot chocolate and turn the heater on??
me - No {with my meanest eyebrows}

He plowed by himself and he loves his plow truck, he washed it all up, parked it in front of the dining room window and had me come look at it... Lynn came over the other night and he made her go out to the garage and look at it.  Boys and their toys??!!??

So after our storm we are outside and Wilson sneaks out the door behind us.   He was really quiet for a long time and when I found him I knew right away that he was in trouble once again. 

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