Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Parties

I find myself leaving my camera in the camera bag more often than I ever did.  Our grandchildren are growing up before our eyes and I need to take in every moment that I can and that does not include sticking a camera in their face every moment.  Our Christmas together was above fantastic and just catching a couple pics in Auto mode was such a relief to me.  I lived the moment and have a few snapshots to remember our time together.   {sigh}

Monica had to work so she opened a few presents before we ate.  I love the way Adam watches her, she is a wonderful girl and fits right into this family.  Hey Shannon did you think you could look for your presents without me seeing you????  

Our meal was venison (per request) and BBQ ribs.  OMG it was delicious.  Lynn and I talked about how venison only taste good when John (dad) makes it.  He is the best venison cooker ever. 

Here are the kids really enjoying their Christmas meal...... but we're missing one right?

Oh don't worry she's down here by me deciding how to get out of eating anything tonight.  So let's put our feet on the table..

The girls put Adam in charge of handing out dessert.  They wanted him to experience being a dad and learning how to be the last one to eat.  Even Grandma got involved.  She made Adam give her a kiss for the pumpkin bars she made.  Adam passed the test, everyone was served dessert before him..... that's a first.

Everything was finger (fork) licking good

I did tell the kids I wanted one photo of all of them in front of the tree and I got what I got and was more than happy with it.  Wilson's last photo for the year..... can you find him?

I handed out gifts and played with their toys so the camera stayed in the bag during that whole time.  This was a while after when Garrett is showing Grandma Great his ornament and Elly is practicing her patience with getting her gift set up.

Mallory and Max got lots of new musical instruments and they loved them.  Mallory is trying out Max's new drum.

Max had to slow down for a story to be read to him.

Elly is always trying to help the little ones with their toys.

And El with her new Kindle Fire...... She was way excited. 

Garrett and Adam in 7th Heaven with new legos.

Mally with another one of her musical instruments, or should I say two of them.  She was playing one with her right hand and shaking the other with her left.  Music is her thing.  Our fun new fireplace for the cottage is her music stage.  

Every year is a ornament photo and this year they got fun Microwave pets that were a big hit so of course they had to hold them.  

Miss El with her BLUE ornament and Panda bear

Miss Mally and her pink ornament and kitty named Purrrrr-dy

Garrett-Man with his red Owl and elephant

And Maxwell did not want to sit by the tree and since it's a year of no forced photos I improvised and got him with his blue Owl.

Maxwell would rather do his Look and Find with Grandma Great

Miss Jealous...... had to have her picture taken too.

We were so thankful John mom got to spend Christmas Eve with our family.  She loved watching the little ones and their new toys.  She gave them money and said "My thought was to have them spend their money and not allow the parents to put it into their savings......after tonight........ put it in their savings"

Our night was a blast and there were NO SPOILED KIDS at this house..... honest!!

Christmas day at Gayles started with fun drinks

Fun cups and fun straws......

And we might do things a bit weird but we have fun.

A first sitting at our Christmas dinner.

Played lots of Bingo and Family Feud.  The grandkids were unbeatable..... a few funny moments from our games.

Name santa's reindeer.............. Shannon "donald"

Name something found in a Christmas stocking......... my dad says apple, Connie hears popcorn and says X............dad says I said Apple...... Connie says okay you can change your answer.......X........ dad says, I said Apple first............. {Not sure why I heard popcorn from apple} but I was not about to tell dad he couldn't change his answer and the brothers knew it so they were telling him to say he said Candy cane.  Laughing hysterically, game had to be delayed until room stopped laughing and I almost peed my pants.

Name the figurines in a Nativity set................... Elly says a horse

Name a Holiday drink.............. John's team decides on Cider and John says Tom and Jerry.....X..... should have went with cider, number 3 on the list.  Team now hates their captain.

Kristy and Grandpa going for the win............ Grandpa beats Kristy while Kristy stands there with a deer in the headlight look.

Bingo got a little out of hand too............ we played at the end of the day for leftovers.  Everyone is packing up things to win in Bingo so they don't have to take home their leftovers.  We are a crazy family but we have fun.

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