Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Birds are back

"The birds are back"  is what I hear when I'm in the back of the house doing something.  I of course have to come look and there weren't as many and I was saying to myself.  "you don't need any more pictures of the birds so don't grab your camera" and then............. I freak out.........  There's a male, there's a male!!!  Scramble begins to get the right lens on the camera, settings off auto, I expose by pointing it out the window so I don't waste time in the cold........dang no card...... after a few minutes I am out the door and getting a few safe shots before I try to sneak up on them.  

Here he is all bright and pretty, matching the barn and shed behind him.

Then I start to sneak up on them getting super close this time.  

He didn't want to look my way and I was starting to shiver with slippers and no coat so I whistled to get his attention my way.  He spun around but still was more interested in eating.  

Okay buddy now I got your attention and I think you packed your grumpy eyes.

But he's right back to eating.

Should have changed my settings so the female was in focus but I wasn't sure my numb fingers could work the buttons.

The berries are pretty much all gone so I'm sure this is the last day we will see them but I'm very happy with the photos I got of them.  Super stoked to have something new to photograph.  

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