Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sleepy and Busy Elf on a Shelf

Friday as I wrote my whining post about not being able to find Wilson I again couldn't find him but just ignored the situation.  Sometimes if I ignore the fact that I can't find him it drives a certain someone crazy and he slowly tells me where he's at.  Well Friday night that didn't happen, he didn't say a peep about where Wilson was.  

I found him all tucked in our bed.  He looked so darn cute laying there I just had to giggle out loud.

I quickly crawled into bed and snuggled Wilson..... well let me tell you that didn't end up so well.  Wilson got a free flying lesson across the bedroom and down the hallway

In the morning I woke to him all snuggled up in my vest hanging on the closet door.

As John worked on Saturday morning Wilson and I were getting ready for the Hemmer Family Christmas Party.  Wilson did a few craft projects while I cooked, he's such a busy little guy I hardly get anything done when he's around.

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Lynn said...

All I can do is laugh at you and say, seriously!!!