Monday, December 24, 2012

Photo overload on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve morning and we're rushing around like mad-men trying to get the meat in the oven, potatoes and vegetables cooking, appetizers all prepared, house cleaned, presents under the tree, stockings stuffed and who knows what else.  So during this crazy session I sit down on a chair that John just moved into the living room and have a conversation about how he needs to be nice and how he needs to like Christmas madness and how he needs to.......... and something out the window caught my eye.  We had 3 trees full of birds.  Now we don't get birds here very often so when there is more than one and it's not a finch it's a big deal around here.  So I grabbed my camera and shot through the window.  

Then I had enough to be happy so I opened the front door instead of having glass in-between us.  

Now here is the interesting part of the story.  

It was about a week after John's dad's funeral that we were at his mom's and she asked with a bit of a {I don't want to say anything look but I have to ask} "have you had any Cardinal's at your house?"  we replied "nope, we haven't ever had any Cardinal's at our house, why?"  Well she explained that one day she was sitting in her chair and the tree right outside her window was covered in Cardinals, she got up and watched them out the window for the longest time.  They have seen a Cardinal or two since they moved there but never a tree full.  

She told someone this and they said "Oh Gilbert was letting you know he was okay"..... ummmm yeah okay whatever.  She explained that when someone dies birds are sent to let you know they have reached heaven and they are okay.  So she didn't really believe this story but shared it with Ed and he said he had a tree full of Cardinals, and so did Ron.  So she asked us just in case the birds were making their rounds to all the boys.  

John told her that if we had a tree full of Cardinals at our house she better have saved some Thank you cards cuz we'd both drop over dead.  

While taking pictures of them I stepped onto the deck and scared them all away.  I was so disappointed that I didn't get closer to them.

They came back and this time they let me walk right out to the tree.  As I was out there more and more came flocking into this little tree and they would even look at me while eating their snack.  

I'm not sure if the story is true or it could just be that these birds were hungry and we had the trees full of berries for their Christmas lunch.  It's what you believe but it sure gave us the spirit for a Christmas present from John's dad.  

They might not be Cardinal's but they are just as beautiful.

So as I overload you with bird photos, give those you love an extra hug tonight and remember to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the real reason for the season.  

He has a way of showing you his presence in many ways.

Merry Christmas, may your holiday be filled with family, friends and love.

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