Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sock Viewing - Elf on a Shelf

Today is sock viewing day!!  We love this tradition but finding a space big enough and creative enough to display them is getting a bit tough.  

The socks have started their second round, last year they were by Sharon so we didn't get to view them.    This year was Starla's turn, she had brunch and you were encouraged to wear your jammies.   

After we are done we are all going to wander the local Walmart store..... hee hee hee  
Of course all us adults thought it would be hilarious but the teenage girls just about died with embarrassment.  

Here are the socks all pretty for their viewing. 

Our family close up.  

And of course Wilson came with... he's such a nosey little thing.  

The candy cane to the far left is an illegal move by sister Sharon.  She had the socks last year and made all the new 2012 additions including Ashley's fiancé that will not be legal until May 2013.  It's totally illegal to hang up an addition until it's legal, we forgave her since she doesn't live here and she doesn't know the rules.

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