Sunday, December 9, 2012

Missing Elf on a Shelf

After our Christmas party we came home to a missing Wilson.  The elfnappers were eating chips, breaking snowmen and captured Wilson and left a ransom note.  They didn't take or wreck anything else, they were professional elfnappers!!

We used our CSI knowledge to track him down.  Good thing Wilson is so smart, he left us some good clues.  Perfect fingerprints on the note, DNA on the chip and tire tracks in the driveway.    

We quickly ran the DNA and fingerprints through our electronic system and got Mr Adam and Miss Monica on the phone.  We demanded our Wilson come back and no money would be exchanged.....we are tough!!!!   ....... there may have been some bribing that a few cut out cookies could be delivered if Wilson is found unharmed.

While the interrogation was going on I found Wilson, he slipped through their greasy chip fingers and hid as far down in a vase that his big plastic head would let him.  He's so sneaky

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Lynn said...

Laughing out loud! So funny!