Monday, December 17, 2012

Frosty Morning and Jolly Elf on the Shelf

Friday it was so frosty and pretty outside.  I got a text from my sister at 4:50 to make sure I bring my camera this morning..... ha fooled her it was already in the truck.  I noticed the frosty morning and the camera got put in the truck before I even got dressed.  Going to the gym I wanted to stop and capture everything but it was way too dark.  Then after the gym it's still too dark.  I then get a few more texts telling me how pretty it is outside.  Some are even putting photos on instagram..... damn this is driving me nuts.  Well the frost was still there when I got out of work for a half day.  This is one of the sidewalk paths I noticed on my drive in.  

And this house always peeks my attention.

I took this one for Lynn and Jesse

Then I walked around home for a few more.

Wilson is feeling much better today, he is back in the Christmas spirit and I found him hiding in the tree.

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