Monday, December 10, 2012

Hemmer Family Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Another Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Hunting Cabin has come and gone.  This year was a bit tough to get in the spirit but Gilbert would have wanted us all to keep the party as planned and have fun.  So we did just that.  Here is John and I with our ugly sweaters for this year.  

Grandma got her photo taken with all her boys.

This next photo just cracks me up.  She really does love her boys and it's really not that bad.

There were a few grandchildren that were missing but we got who would could.

Then of course it's time to be silly "Jazz Hands"

We played a few games.  One was Head Bands in our case Back Tags...(Christmas name/item on their back) that was fun for all.  There were a few that Shawna planned for certain people.  The kids were playing out side and we caught them trying to look at their backs through the window reflection.  

Next game was Family Feud and the first team was trying to intimidate the other team.  Oh so tough

Shawna did a great Richard Dawson host

Some teams were friendly and played well.

Some had to really think about their answers

Some got strikes

Some used their teammates to steal.

Some cheated.......

and won............ look they even made Mally cry they cheated so badly

Next was Gater rides around the woods singing Jingle Bells

"Oh what fun it is to ride in Ed's Gater today"

Max had to sit on Josh's lap and just so we could fit the rest in the back, there was no wiggle room for anyone and Elly was in charge of keeping them all sitting down.  We ate supper and then Ed took some adults for a ride and there were cries that happened when he left without them so when he got back it was another ride with the kids and more singing.

There was a fire outside when it got dark and the view of Grandma in her chair was pretty cool.  She was pretty quiet but took in everything and just watched everyone having fun.  It has to be tough for her right now but everyone is continuing to keep her busy.

And of course we ate lots!!

And had make up lessons...... when you apply or receive mascara you have to open your mouth.

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