Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elf on a Shelf with help

It's been a crazy busy week here for us but I'll try to get caught up.  
Today was Elly's Christmas concert and of course she always gets to come home with us after.  Well this year we had other plans that we had to do when we were done so I called her in the morning to warn her that Grandma had to break our tradition.  She was okay with it but of course I got a few pouts....

Her concert was very cute, she is the oldest class in the school now so the girls are all about those concerts, dressing in pretty clothes, singing loud, dancing, swaying back and forth, talking on the microphone, all smiles...... and then there are the boys.  One or two actually sing, the don't do the actions, they hardly smile.  

Well I snuck Elly in my truck after the concert and brought her home for about 15 mins.  That is all she needed, just the ride home with Grandma, chatting about the concert and the boy that called her the night before.  Well let's just say that Grandma tried to find out what he wanted and Miss El was not talking so I made up my own story.... the volume on the video from her concert slowly got louder and louder from the back seat.

When the kids come in the house they immediately look for Wilson and then they secretly hide him before they leave.  We were in such a hurry both that night and the next morning that I didn't even look at where he was hide.  

Wednesday night Maxwell come over and we weren't home.  He walked in the door and started yelling "Wilson, where r'u"  He found him in Elly's spot where she hid him.

Then Maxwell had to hide him for Grandpa to find.

Lynn wrote a list of Maxwell's adventure at Grandma's house

Timeline of Max's Visit
6:33pm - arrived
6:35pm - need snack - pudding
6:37pm - find Wilson
6:38pm - Eat pudding without mommy's assistance
6:40pm - talk about finding Wilson, request to get him - "he's funny"
6:41pm - mommy steals cookie and she won't share
7:10pm - Gwama came home
7:30pm - Gwama gave me a cookie
7:35pm - Gwampa you should vacuum your chair - cookie was a bit crumbly
7:36pm - Gwama tried to paint my fingernails, she got one done before I yelled - "don't like it"

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