Friday, December 7, 2012

Not fair Elf on a Shelf

So I might be a bit crazy, I might be a bit whiney or I might just not be a good looker.  So this whole Elf on a Shelf thing is still happening here everyday.  Wilson is moved by someone else who lives in this house {not mentioning any names since he swears it's not him} but here goes my whining.... he hides him too hard.  I look at eye level for about 2 seconds and then I start to whine about Wilson being scared when he can't see me..... I whine that he needs to tell me where he is...... I whine that he's hiding him too hard..... I whine with just about everything I can just so he gives me a hint.  So as I'm whining my hint is "you should drink more water" but I don't know that's my hint.... DRINK MORE WATER???  Are you kidding me I drink water all day long, I hate water I force myself to drink that crap over Mt Dew every single day and then you think you can tell me that I should drink more water.   

The next morning before the gym I grab my first glass of water before heading out.... and who's waiting for me to find him?   

See I told you he was hiding him too hard.  Can you imagine how scared Wilson was in there all night long in the dark??

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