Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Snow Family Sneak Peek

Last year I took pictures for this family in the freezing cold.  We had the first snow and it was only a dusting but we thought it was so pretty for pictures.  Well today the snow family picked the best day ever for outside family pictures.  We got dumped on and the snow just hung on everything.  We started out in the cabin just chillin with the boys and letting them get comfortable.  I love this shot of the tickle monster in action.  I'm not sure who's feet are who's in the mix.  

Last year the boys were in the long underwear looking for santa out the window.  This year they were looking for papa and birdies, I love the natural light spilling in on them as they chill by the window.

A shot from the loft

Here's our outside adventure, it was warm and the snow is perfect for a Winter Wonderland.

Love how I capture both of them kissing the boys. 

I turned it into a black and white and it reminded me of a "That Girl" look 

What's a "That Girl Look" you ask...... I don't know it reminded me of that show "That Girl"...... so I enhanced it a bit, not sure if I like it but it was worth showing you.

The boys climbed into the big barrel but their fingers were freezing and they were done.  Grandma had promised them chocolate if they did good so we heading back into the cabin for some treats.

Such a beautiful morning and perfect timing for those family photos.  Everyone should book a winter session, it is so worth it with natures beauty all around you.


LisaS said...

oh i want that cabin.....LOVE the photos!!


arturlington said...

The first and the last are my favorites!